The exceptional wildlife and the breathtaking landscapes render Namibia as one of the world’s most beautiful countries for safaris. Everywhere one can experience the wide and open space and the seemingly endless time. The country ist huge, harsh and wild with a clear blue sky ensuring that memories will never fade.

The hunting season starts on the 1st February and closes on the 30th November. Hunting is permitted in an area of approximately 30 000 ha. As the vegetation of ONDUASU consists mainly of thorn-bushes, ist is possible to get fairly close to the game. The dry rivers for example are very suitable for stalking.

With a registered hunting guide as constant companion, hunting takes place be means of stalking, drives or from a hide.
Well positioned raised hides are a prerequisite for successful hunting. The owner of the farm and hunting guide, Kurt Kretzschmar, will take great care to release only well matured and strong – or old and very abnormal trophies.

Available Games Species:
Warthog, Kudu, Oryx, Hartebeest, Steenbok, Eland as well as Jackal, Caracal and Baboon. Leopard and cheetah may only be hunted with an additional special hunting permit.

Furthermore, it can be arranged and organised to hunt other game on other farms within Namibia. Springbok, Blesbok or Wildebeest and Zebra can be hunted on a farm in the south of the country. This offers the opportunity to discover more of the amazing diversity of this country. Please indicate with your reservations which trophies interest you the most.

The registered hunting guide is your constant companion as prescribed by the law. Locals serve as hunting assistants. They are excellent trackers and are well trained in seeing to the game and the trophies.