Kurt Kretzschmar and his wife Ute are the third generation of ethnic Germans living in Namibia. He grew up on his parents’farm and together with his wife, he started his own farming buisiness – ONDUASU during 1984. Having started from scratch, they passionately built up ONDUASU with a lot of work and common sense to create a safe home for their two children and the facilities you are welcome to enjoy.

ONDUASU ist utilised for general cattle farming and breeding. Years ago, accommodation facilities for guests were added. With the game increasing steadily, the farm can now be utilised as hunting farm. A certain skill, a particular feel and decades of experience are required to keep the biotope in equilibrium.

In Namibia a hunter must always be accompanied by a registered hunting guide or a registered professional hunter. Thus, Kurt Kretzschmar is a member of the Namibia Professional Hunting Association as well as the NTB (Namibia Tourism Board).

Kurt and Ute Kretzschmar, just as their children Siegward and Wiebke, will show you every facet of this fascinating country and your impressions will be unforgettable. You will learn a lot about life on a farm as well as the country and its peoples. The Namibian hospitality is just superb.

So what would be better than to make your dream of Namibia come true?