ONDUASU lies 240 km north of Windhoek and near Kalkfeld. The farm, belonging to the Kretzschmar family since 1984, covers an area of approximately 5000 ha. Thick thorn bushes and trees of medium height are typical for this region. During the rainy season (November until March), there are many small and sometimes bigger water holes. Rivers are crisscrossing the landscape. In general, these rivers are dry but can turn into sudden violent torrents after a heavy downpour.

Besides managing the hunting section, the day to day farming of the Kretzschmar family actually involves cattle breeding. Thus, the area is divided into a number of fenced camps to allow the grazing of various herds of cattle at certain times. All the game found in this area can either jump across or crawl underneath these fences. To provide the animals with water during the dry season, several water holes are topped up with ground water by windmills. These places are much frequented by all the game.